FUMC Staff  
Pastor's Welcome

Main Telephone Number: 334.793.3555
Business Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Dr. Jim Sanders
Senior Pastor
ext. 211
  Rev. Rudy Heintzelman
Executive Pastor
ext. 214
  Rev. Lynn Smilie Nesbitt
Associate Pastor/
ext. 247

    allie     mike  

Rev. Wes Kelley
Associate Pastor
ext. 240

  Rev. Allie Freeman
Minister of Pastoral Care
ext. 222

  Michael Keeley
Director of Music & Communication
ext. 229


shelley     gindi      
Shelley Keeley
Director of Youth Music
ext. 229


Gindi Prutzman
Director of Children's Music
ext. 244

  Dena Ogletree
Director of Children's Ministries
ext. 232


andy   kash    
Andy Thomas
Director of Youth Ministries
ext. 301

  Kash Forrester
Associate Dir. of Youth Ministries
ext. 301

Terri Francis
Director of 50 Forward Ministry
ext. 221


pamela     lucy     paula  

Pamela Manfready
Senior Pastor's
Administrative Assistant
ext. 211

  Lucy Ingram
Finance Director
ext. 247

  Paula Harrison
Office Manager Program Secretary
ext. 212


  sandy   betty  
Gavin Whatley
Facilities Manager
ext. 217
  Sandy Uhler
Director of Daycare and Preschool
ext. 299

  Betty Helms
Contributions and Accounts Payable ext. 220


  Ryan Deaton
Director of Recreation Ministries
ext. 225

  Maryann Horne
Communications & Music Assistant
ext. 216


beth     cherisa     Janet Bottoms  

Beth Sizemore
Nursery Supervisor
ext. 296

  Cherisa Hall
Wedding Coordinator
ext. 219
  Janet Bottoms
ext. 218

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