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People of all ages come together to laugh, cry, pray, serve and support one another at First Church. Together we learn by combining biblical principles with life experiences.

First Church offers programs for children from infant baptism, children’s Sunday school, Wacky Wednesday, Summer Camp, VBS, Day Trips and Confirmation classes. Our high school program includes Sunday school and United Methodist Youth Fellowship, youth choir and praise band, re-roofing homes in Dothan, swim parties, movie night and Tuesday breakfast. Our children and youth become well rounded in thier understanding of the Christian walk.  Through faith and scripture they grow up to lead lives of Christian discipleship.


Christian Education is a life long process, so we want to help you grow and understand Christ's calling. Therefore, our Adult Educational goal is personal growth and connection. We offer traditional Sunday School Classes, Short Term Studies and 9-month Long Term Studies in Discipleship for adults of all ages. Life in the Church is typically associated with worship, pews and rows -- basically, in lines. But life is best lived in Circles: small groups of people arranged in such a way that they talk with each other, face one another, walk and live life together. We invite you to consider joining such a Life Circle with others at First Church. We want to help you find your place in the family of faith here at First Church.